CoLOS® Enterprise

MARKEM CoLOS Enterprise is a powerful networking and image design tool that allow companies to manage and control their full production line. This flexible solution can improve productivity and ensure that you have the correct label formats across production.

Full Line Control –  MARKEM and 3rd party printers and coders, as well as peripheral equipment such as scales, scanners, RFID encoders/readers, conveyor controls, sensors, vision systems, etc. enable you to simultaneously link and manage multiple devices.

Connectivity –  Industry standard connectivity that uses either wired or wireless Ethernet, RS485 or any combination of connections. Information exchange between ERP, WMS, and SCADA systems.

Grouping Devices –  By simply accessing a product selection, you can efficiently control a line changeover, reducing human error.

Security Features –  Set security controls by function ensuring that only the right people have access to the operations they need.

Data collection –  Compile and report information such as production counts, average line speeds, throughput, and changeover times helping you manage your packaging operation.

Image Design Software -  Create complex labels and barcodes in a user-friendly drag and drop environment, which satisfies the most challenging label design and management needs.

CoLOS Enterprise is part of a scalable suite of software solutions offered by Markem, your single supplier of hardware, software and support.

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