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CoLOS Create is an easy-to-use software package that helps create basic date and lot code images when used in conjunction with your MARKEM printers.

Code Design Flexibility  CoLOS Create allows you to design codes that will automatically update best before dates, time codes, shift and lot information based on your individual requirements. You can also update variable data upon download or at the printer.

Software created by MARKEM for MARKEM printers  Who knows best how to get the most out of the MARKEM printers? MARKEM does - that is why MARKEM printers when used in conjunction with CoLOS Create deliver top of the line performance on basic date and lot code requirements.

Your introduction to the CoLOS product family  CoLOS Create was designed with your future needs in mind. As your code design becomes more sophisticated we provide the design solftware you will require. Upgrading to the Professional or Enterprise version is quick and easy and allows you to bring your library of images into the version that best suits your needs.

CoLOS software is part of a complete solution that clearly identifies contents, sources, and product attributes such as lot, code and sell by date throughout the production and distribution cycles. When you know exactly what's on the side of the box, you can make the right decisions to protect your reputation and your bottom line.


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