SmartDate® 5 Coder

The globally proven MARKEM SmartDate® uses thermal transfer technology to print codes, dates, times and barcodes onto flexible packaging material without mess or environmental concern. SmartDate® 5 and 5s are easy to use and have proven reliability, giving maximum uptime for your packaging line. The SmartDate® consistently prints high-resolution high quality images, while keeping running costs to a minimum. With many thousands installed worldwide, SmartDate® is the market leader for thermal transfer coding.

Unparalleled Flexibility.  Changeover from intermittent to continuous coding in under five minutes. The SmartDate 5 printhead module can be switched from left- to right-hand configurations in under one hour.

Unmatched Uptime.  Maximum uptime is derived from simple and rugged mechanical design. The SmartDate 5 components and spare parts are designed for quick changeover.

Minimize Ribbon Waste.  Our unique Digital Ribbon Management system is the most efficient and reliable on the market. It eliminates mechanical wearing parts, minimizes ribbon waste between prints, and offers unique ribbon save options.

High Speed Applications.  The SmartDate® 5s is specifically designed for continuous high speed applications. The combined benefits of its patented shuttle system with the dual stepper motor drive can print at speeds up to 1800 mm/second, making it the world’s highest-performance printer.

Consistent, clean, high quality printing.  High resolution (300dpi) print, no temperature adjustment; no alignment required; and no damage to bags or labels from hot type blocks. A wide choice of fonts/type faces, and sizes are available.

SmartDate is simple to install, fitting in the same position as existing coders, without the need to control the web or modify machines.

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